Hands On December 2014

Disinfectant That’s Safe to Use

Cleaning and disinfecting is a top priority for your ambulance and equipment. Unfortunately, many of the products on the market are toxic, irritating to the skin and eyes, and pose a threat to the environment. Steriplex SDfrom sBioMed is a daily-use C. difficile sporicide that has no toxic fumes and requires no ventilation when used. Steriplex SD has a fresh scent and won’t harm your skin or eyes. It’s also environmentally friendly and has a Hazardous Materials Identification System health and physical rating of zero, making it safe for patients and staff. Steriplex SD is the only EPA-registered C. difficilesporicide, virucide, tuberculocide, bactericide and fungicide that’s practical for daily use. It kills more than 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds, including viruses, germs, mold and mildew. Steriplex SD is also EPA-registered to clean in one step, saving you time when you need to get back in service.


Price: Varies–see website for regional distributers




Headset-Friendly Sunglasses

If you’ve ever tried to wear a pair of sunglasses while wearing an aviation-style headset, you know how uncomfortable that can be. There’s pressure and pain on your temples, the glasses won’t stay in place, and you lose some of the noise-cancelling benefits of the headset. Flying Eyes Sunglasses from Summer Hawk Optics Inc. were made with comfort in mind. The frames are made from flexible, lightweight Resilamide and are also convertible, giving the wearer the options of a removable conventional temple, removable micro-thin temple, or the headset-friendly non-elastic strap. The vision-enhancing, polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and provide 100% UV protection (UV400). There are also multiple lens options to choose from. The sunglasses come with a soft microfiber bag and cleaning cloth, a zippered protective hard case and two cinches. These sunglasses are extremely comfortable when worn with first responder and rescue helmets.


Finish options: Glossy, matte

Price: $169.00




Keep Patients Warm

It’s that time of the year again. The temperatures are dropping and, in many areas of the country, the snow is beginning to fly. Whether you’re trying to keep a trauma patient warm or transporting that nice elderly lady in her nightgown, the blankets we use on the ambulance don’t do much to keep our patients warm. In fact if you look closely, some of the blankets are so thin you can probably read through them. Blanket Warmers from Check Corporation plug into your vehicle’s 12-volt power outlet and keep blankets warm. Your blankets are kept at a consistent temperature and ready to use when you need them. Blanket Warmers are constructed from 1000 Denier Nylon and have DuPont Thermoloft Insulation. The six-foot power cord has a quick release so you can take the blanket warmer with you to the scene. Blanket Warmers are available in three sizes to meet any service’s needs.


Weight: 3.0—4.3 lbs.

Power Consumption: 4.5 amps

Price: Call for pricing 




Mobile Patient Care Report


With electronic patient care reports (ePCRs) becoming the standard across the country, many EMS agencies are looking for options in reporting systems. Many first generation ePCRs were cumbersome and difficult to use, especially if the user wasn’t very computer savvy.NITROPCR from OpenFrame LLC is an online ePCR that can run on your mobile devices anywhere, anytime. NITROPCR is speech enabled, allowing you to enter and update information by just talking to your phone or tablet. It’s easy to navigate: Just swipe your hand to move from section to section. With the integration of Google Glass, the user can receive information through the Glass Timeline. Security isn’t an issue because no patient health information (PHI) is stored on your mobile device. All PHI is cloud-based, encrypted and HIPAA compliant. NITROPCR is also National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) Gold-Compliant software.


Price: Monthly rate per number of PCRs generated




Make Learning Capnography Easy

With the increased demand for waveform capnography, the ability for medical personnel to rapidly and accurately identify normal and abnormal capnography waveforms is vital for patient outcomes. The RCR Poster from EKG Concepts illustrates the inspiratory and expiratory phases of the normal capnogram using a novel, color-coded format. It provides examples of abnormal capnograms with possible clinical causes for abnormalities listed below each illustration. The poster is designed for use in rescue vehicles, emergency and other critical care departments, or intraoperative environments. It’s easy to apply to any smooth, clean surface–just peel and stick. The poster is also removable, repositionable, leaves no sticky residue and can be wiped clean with disinfectant. The RCR is available in two additional sizes: a pocket format for personal use and a portable vinyl banner for use in large group settings such as training centers, ACLS breakout sessions, classrooms or break rooms.


Size: 11″³ à— 17″³ (poster), 3.75″³ à— 6.75″³ (pocket version), 34″³ à— 54″³ (vinyl banner)

Price: $25.00 (poster), $15.00 (pocket version), $129.00 (vinyl banner)









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