October 2016 Supplement, Special Focus: Ambulance Innovations


Advances in Ambulance Design, Safety & Technology Protect Patients & Providers

Welcome to the JEMS Special Focus: Ambulance Innovations

Designing a Custom-Built Ambulance that Balances Safety and Efficiency

Cranberry Township (Pa.) EMS had never purchased custom ambulances, but as the industry focuses on reducing crashes and improving vehicle safety, they set out on a mission to design the safest ambulance in America.

Lights and Sirens Improve Safety of Emergency Calls

Properly positioned emergency lighting, sirens and horns may be the most important elements in a safe emergency run.

New Ambulance Seating Improves Safety, Size and Functionality

Provider seating in the patient compartment of the ambulance has come a long way from the days of the bench seat and fold-down “jump seat” in the now antique limousine-style ambulances.

Safety Systems Impact the Cost of EMS Operations

Two EMS agencies compare the return on investment in safe driving systems.

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