May 2019 Supplement, Hemorrhage Control Force Multipliers


Stop the Bleed: Time is of the Essence

JEMS and Fire Engineering highlight programs across the country that are extending Stop the Bleed training to civilians. We present them to you as examples and ideas so that you can implement a Stop the Bleed program in your service area, and to help ensure that anyone who’s severely injured doesn’t die needlessly from bleeding that can be controlled.

A Time to ACT – Antidote, CPR/AED, Tourniquet

Novel first-aid program in South Snohomish County, Washington, targets opioid overdoses, cardiac arrests & hemorrhage control

Stop the Bleed Bucket Brigade

How University Hospitals implemented a region-wide Stop the Bleed program in Northeast Ohio.

Stop the Bleed & Start the Heart

Teaching Texas middle schoolers to “see something & do a lot.”

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Launches Stop the Bleed
Airport fire department acquires 100 kits and trains 2,000 employees how to control severe hemorrhage.

Connecticut Schoolteachers Learn Hemorrhage Control
A reproducible model of Stop the Bleed training in a suburban school district.

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