May 2016 Supplement, EMS Compass: The Quality Imperative


EMS Compass: The Quality Imperative

Harnessing the power of data, with a forward from Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Improving Patient Care and Demonstrating Value to our Communities

An introduction to the EMS Compass performance measures and their use to improve system performance and deliver better patient care.

How Everyday Data Improves EMS and Patient Care

The quality improvement process relies on quality data, quality analysis and accurate interpretation of this information in order to understand, modify and improve patient care.

Developing Outcome-Based EMS Performance Measures

The EMS Compass initiative not only identified baseline industry performance measures but also developed a process for developing future measures.

Measuring Data for EMS Improvement

How to use data to enhance operational and clinical performance in EMS agencies.

Making the Most Out of EMS Performance Measures

Using performance measures to improve is about more than just analyzing data — it takes planning, action and continuous evaluation.

EMS Compass Measures Demonstrate EMS Value in the Healthcare Industry

Now more than ever, communities expect EMS systems to provide effective, efficient high-quality patient care — and prove it.

Linking Patient Data from Emergency Dispatch to Hospital Discharge

How some EMS systems are linking data to improve care from the 9-1-1 call until the patient leaves the hospital.

‘Outsiders’ Lend Expertise, Perspective to EMS Compass

When putting together the EMS Compass Steering Committee, the initiative’s leaders knew it was important to include experts on performance measurement and quality improvement from outside of EMS.

Five Steps for EMS Managers to Improve Data Quality

How to show EMS providers that data matters.

Software Vendors Come Together to Test Performance Measures

The eight members of the EMS Compass Technology Developers Group represent software developers and other entities that have developed EMS patient care reporting or data analytics programs.

“You’ve Got Outcomes!”

Outcome measures are an important part of EMS Compass, and NEMSIS version 3 has the capability to make these measures readily available to every agency, large and small.  

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