May 2015 Supplement, On The Leading Edge


How Data and Technology Are Revolutionizing Patient Care

Keep your EMS operations centered in technology while staying alert to the issues that need attention now.

New Technology Is Changing How EMS Provides Clinical Care

Remember the Star Trek Tricorder? It’s not so far-fetched considering today’s EMS technology.

How Technology Is Revolutionizing 9-1-1 Systems and First Response

Social media, wearable devices and other technological advances are vastly changing emergency response.

Successful Health Information Technology Implementation in Patient-Centric EMS

Find out why health information technology is an essential structural component to any organization implementing a mobile integrated healthcare program.

Modern Approaches to Health Information Exchange Will Improve Patient Outcomes and Decrease Cost

Emerging methods for the exchange of health information show promise, from Regional Health Information Exchanges to Accountable Care Organizations and the future of Carequality.

Devices, Technology and Care Will Unite to Bring Clinical Decision Support

The future of healthcare rests with clinical decision support.

Preparing the EMS Workforce for a Data-Centric Future

Healthcare providers should understand how data collection improves patient care.

How Real-Time and Near-Real-Time Data Feedback Improves Patient Care

Do you take full advantage of the benefits of real-time and near real-time feedback from you monitor/defibrillator?

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