March 2016 Supplement, EMS 10: Innovators in EMS 2015


Innovation & Advancement in EMS

Physio-Control and JEMS identify some of the best innovators in the EMS industry and alert the EMS community to their achievements to help providers and patients in the future.

Paramedicine Overhaul

Christoph Redelsteiner builds broader emergency medicine education in Austria. 

Disaster Training

Joshua Bobko empowers civilians with emergency medicine in times of crisis. 

A Dynamic Partnership

Ginny Renkiewicz and Sara Houston foster student EMS research in North Carolina. 

Biohazard Defense

Bryan Burry brings a revolutionary, advanced disinfection method to North American healthcare. 

Starting (and Saving) from Scratch

Nnamdi Nwauwa builds a Nigerian emergency medical response system from the ground up. 

United Rescue

Robert Luckritz leads a volunteer-driven approach to rapid emergency response. 

Solar Fleet

Dan Fellows powers ambulances with clean energy. 

Emergency Telehealth

David Persse connects patients to physicians via video-call technology. 

Updating Legislation

Shaughn Maxwell & Richard Campbell rewrite the law for community paramedicine. 

A Novel Idea

Doug Hooten’s book explores mobile integrated healthcare operations to aid other systems implement such programs. 

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