Peter Antevy Presents Unique Way to Simplify Pediatric Medication Calculations at EMS Today 2015

Peter Antevy, MD, an EMS medical director and pediatric emergency physician in Southeast Florida, presented on the psychology of prehospital pediatric resuscitation.

Peter discussed the eight most commonly used drugs in a pediatric call and demonstrated a unique and simple method to quickly determine the correct volume. This method requires no calculations whatsoever and can be recalled easily, even when anxiety levels are peaking.

Some additional key points from Peter’s lecture were:

  • Medical errors continue to plague prehospital care providers, especially during pediatric calls.
  • Age based pediatric medication dosing is critically important.
  • Epinephrine is a dangerous medication if used incorrectly.
  • All participants leaving today’s lecture should now be able to function confidently in a pediatric code.
  • Pediatric Pit Crew management is easy to implement and requires little practice.

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