December 2015 Supplement, Five Years, 10,000 Saves & Just Getting Started


Five Years, 10,000 Saves & Just Getting Started

Medtronic Philanthropy’s HeartRescue Project is committed to improving survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Improving Cardiac Arrest Outcomes Starts with Changing Attitudes

To improve cardiac arrest survival rates, EMS providers and EMS leaders must change their mindset about snatching life from the jaws of death.

Telephone CPR Can Optimize Bystander Action in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Telephone CPR has been shown to dramatically increase bystander CPR rates in OHCA and is associated with improved patient survival.

A Statewide Approach to Improving Survival from Cardiac Arrest

Statewide EMS protocols and training offer a unique opportunity to rapidly disseminate evidence-based best practices to a large audience and ensure a coordinated approach when multiple agencies work together to resuscitate a patient.

Five Creative and Innovative Ways to Bring Hands-Only CPR Education to the Community

Engaging the community in CPR education and removing barriers to EMS activation will help improve bystander CPR rates.

EMS & Hospital Collaborations Strengthen Relationships and Improve Care in North Carolina

Collaborations between hospitals, EMS, first responders and others initially benefited STEMI patients, but once those relationships were built, they provided the foundation for other improvement efforts, such as the statewide cardiac arrest program.

Celebrating and Supporting Survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Encouraging survivors to tell their stories not only helps in their own recovery, but it also raises community awareness about CPR and public access to AEDs, supports advocacy efforts and assists in the recovery of other survivors.

Lessons Learned from Five Years of the HeartRescue Project

The HeartRescue Project’s partners have learned much about improvement from their shared experiences at all levels of the system. 

Roadmap for Communities Looking to Improve Resuscitation

The HeartRescue Project has adopted a model of quality improvement, and many communities have reaped real benefit.

Jose Garcia’s Cardiac Arrest Survival Story

The efforts of the HeartRescue Project partners have saved the lives of thousands of cardiac arrest victims. Jose Garcia is one of those survivors and this is his story.

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