Demetri Yannopoulos, MD

Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical Director, Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium

Dr. Yannopoulos has published more than 110 articles in the field of resuscitation and many book chapters.  He has received funding from the NIH to evaluate methods to improve neurological outcomes after prolonged untreated arrest. He is the recipient of the NIH Director’s transformative research award which evaluates ways to mitigate reperfusion injury after cardiac arrest.  Dr. Yannopoulos is the PI of the ACCESS trial, a phase III, multicenter US trial that assesses the effect of early access to the cardiac catheterization on survival to hospital discharge for patients resuscitated after VF OHCA. Dr. Yannopoulos, in the collaboration of the Twin Cities EMS directors, has established the first ECMO-based resuscitation protocol in the US for refractory VF OHCA patients. With the support of the Helmsley Charitable Trust, he is currently and actively assessing ways to implement prehospital circulatory support for cardiac arrest victims and transform prehospital care for very time critical interventions.

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