Regina Meyers, resident of a Kaplan, La., nursing home, had only one wish for her 100th birthday: She wanted to dance with the paramedic who had held her hand, sang to her and prayed with her as an ambulance transported her to a hospital several months earlier. Acadian Ambulance Service tracked down Auldon Robinson, who came to the party and danced with the guest of honor. Robinson's wife and four children came, too, bringing musical instruments to accompany him as he sang to Meyers. Now that's great patient care!
Administration and Leadership

Your BLS ambulance is dispatched for a hunting accident in a rural area. You and your partner arrive on scene to find that the patient is a 50-year-old male bleeding uncontrollably from the right side of his groin due to a rifle injury. He_s conscious and alert upon arrival; however, he_s tachycardic and hypotensive from continuous blood loss. You apply gauze and direct pressure to the wound and decide to immediately transport this patient due to significant blood loss.