Cardiac & Resuscitation

I’ve written about my dad many times in JEMS. He wasn’t just a good care provider throughout his 40-plus years as an “ambulance man” with the Scranton (Pa.) Fire Department; he was also a great innovator and mentor to me and many others in “first aid” and EMS circles. He always seemed to think things through to resolution of the worst-case scenario and paid close attention to risk management, resource management and disaster preparedness long before it was fashionable to do so.
EMS Today Conference

The JEMS product review team, a group of seasoned EMS providers, scoured the exhibit hall at the EMS Today Conference & Exhibition in March looking for the most innovative, functional and potentially life-saving products to come onto the market in the past six months. This year, the team evaluated more than 70 new products, but they selected the following top 30 (presented inalphabetical order), because they felt they offered remarkable improvements to patient care and provider performance.
Equipment & Gear

This is your pit stop! In these tough economic times, you have to be smart about any dollars that leave your budget. But when you need a new rig, you need a new rig. That’s why we’ve compiled this listing to showcase the latest from ambulance manufacturers in North America. The photos on the next few pages might inspire your next vehicle specs. Also, be sure to check out exclusive articles and additional interior and exterior ambulance photos on our Special Topic page at JEMS