What’s in your trauma bag?

The EMS industry has never stood still. As medicine and care advanced, so too has the industry and, since every call is different, preparation can be a challenge. Photographer Lee Dos Santos accurately captured the past tools used by paramedics and EMTs in his photo Vintage First Aid and Trauma Kit. The image of the metal kit shows rust, dents, and what most would consider basic preparation, but it is still organized and stands ready for another tour.

Today, trauma kits are sleek, well-designed tools for the user. What once was a box for housing medicine and equipment has been redesigned by engineers focused on use by the medic instead of use for the patient. Ergonomic designs like Ferno’s professional trauma bags feature low-profile backs, keeping the kit close to the user for easier access, while still out of the way. What once was a metal box, designed for practical use simply to hold items has now been upgraded with high tech fabric, organization stiffener inserts and even lifetime guarantees.


The once uniform box is now personalized with numerous options. We would love to hear from you.

What do you look for in a trauma bag?

What is in your trauma bag we might not expect?


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