What is Active Data Monitoring?

There is a line of thought that says, “Reporting is so yesterday; and nobody wants to write reports, nobody wants to run reports, nobody wants to print reports, and nobody wants to read reports,” according to one industry expert, Mike McBrady. For those who share that sentiment, they only want to see what they need to know, when they want to know it: in real time. This has ushered in a new technology called Active Data Monitoringâ„¢ to address those needs.

Organizations using the technology can realize immediate awareness with real-time updates upon posting information. Subscribers will be able to select what is monitored, when the information is received and how it will be viewed. With Active Data Monitoring, information is delivered via alerts or summaries to channels such as SMS/text, email or application dashboards based on the feeds the user selects. Factors such as rules, thresholds or time influence the trigger for delivery.

With the connected, real-time nature of the solution, organizational leaders can make informed decisions and take knowledgeable action sooner. CQI, protocol or operational improvements can be made quickly and efficiently. Active Data Monitoring is exclusive to Continuumâ„¢ – a subscription-based service introduced by ImageTrend in July 2016.


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