Three Benefits of Integrating Your Data

In the simplest sense, a health information exchange (HIE) integrates data from multiple sources to improve patient care throughout the healthcare industry. With increasing prominence, HIEs allow providers — from EMS to hospitals to trauma departments — to gain a perspective of the full spectrum of patient care.

1)    Save Time

Save time in the receiving emergency department and avoid transcription errors. Automatic integrations with the hospital EMR and pre-hospital run report streamline patient record matching and data entry, resulting in much fewer or no errors. The ED will have more accurate data to report and base decisions on without slowing your crew down and increasing their readiness for the next call.

2)    Improve Patient Outcomes

Having all data readily available allows hospitals to prepare for incoming patients and understand a patient’s medical history in order to provide optimal care. Additionally, outcomes data returned by the hospital allows you to understand if provider education would be beneficial and monitor trending to ensure the right protocols are in place for the next call.

3)    Influence the Direction of Healthcare

Understanding the care a patient receives throughout the healthcare cycle gives you better knowledge of where efficiencies or processes are lacking, and allows you to influence policy change. Creating reports that help you visualize not only the data your agency collects, but what other departments collect, gives you the tools you need to plan strategic initiatives.

Are You Ready to Integrate Data?

Talk to your ePCR provider to see what capabilities it has for integrating with hospital EMRs and other patient care facilities. If your provider doesn’t offer these integrations, look for a solution that provides avenues for automatic integration and bidirectional data exchange. Choosing a solution that automates the exchange process relieves the stress of knowing when to administer the imports and exports, and how to do so correctly.


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