On-call emergency medical assistance by the Global Air Ambulance in Kolkata and Ranchi

Wednesday, 31 July 2019. Hey there, Greetings. Kolkata and Ranchi,

The Global Air Ambulance Service intent has a direct impression on humanity. The sky ambulances are widely used in armed forces where a badly injured soldier can easily transfer to the hospital for the treatment. As we see that the ground (train and road) ambulance and air ambulance faces a special challenge in providing emergency medical services in rural areas. Therefore, the Global Air Ambulance in Kolkata and Ranchi has taken the responsibility to make available the private Charter and Commercial Aircraft. Also, low-cost Air ambulance service, so that the emergency medical services can be used by the common people too.

What are the facilities you will get in Global Air Ambulance?

The facilities include:

  • Qualified paramedic to deal with the emergency health situation of a patient,
  • expert doctor for the patient treatment in case of emergency,
  • up-to-date medical machines with technician used in emergency patient treatment in flight, and
  • other emergency medical facilities available as desired by the person


The primary responsibility of an ambulance service is the transport of critically diseased person. And now the emergency medical services in Kolkata, previously named as Calcutta; is the cultural capital city of India, is available. The Global Air Ambulance in Kolkata has been serving for a long time in the field of health care and it offers different types of an ambulance as per the demand by a patient in case medical emergency. The critical patients from Kolkata may now easily shift to the long-distance medical treatment center by calling the Global Air Ambulance. It takes less time to shift serious patient in the long-distance medic treatment center. Also the patient transfer by the specialized doctors, qualified medical team and high-end equipment inside an ambulance at very affordable pricing.

The people from Ranchi were waiting for an affordable Air Ambulance service for many years. Before coming to the Global Air Ambulance in Ranchi, there was no transport facility available for patient transfer. And now it offers 24/7 hours non-stop patient transfer facility. Also, the patient transfer in the presence of nurse and doctors, are capable to deal with the medical emergency in flight. The dedicated team of Global Air Ambulance response immediately in any case of a medical emergency and covers the remote areas too, where there is no medical facility.

So, to get the quality emergency medical service, contact Global Air Ambulance in Kolkata and Ranchi, it offers the emergency services in all over India and all over the world.

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On-call emergency medical assistance by the Global Air Ambulance in Kolkata and Ranchi

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