ImageTrend Releases First Annual Mental Health Report

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ImageTrend, Inc. announced the release of the first annual Health of Our Emergency Responders: A CrewCare Report. The report is comprised of anonymous aggregate stress-related data collected from the CrewCare mobile App. The goal of this report is to provide insight about life stressors and associated factors related to careers, physical health, support, sleep, mental health, and burnout within the first responder community. CrewCare was developed out of the growing need for greater awareness concerning mental health as well as the need for additional resources and research needed in the first responder industry. CrewCare allows for the collection of aggregated, non-identifiable data that can be used for identifying crew stress, making organizational improvements and contribute to industry-wide research.

Of the many insights found within this report, some of the more shocking results included 72% of respondents had scores indicative of burnout, almost two-thirds of respondents work more than 1 job, and 93% have encountered a mentally difficult call with 36% of respondents still struggling with that call. To view more results, see the full report here.

CrewCare, the company’s groundbreaking free mobile app focuses on mental health awareness, was selected in 2018 as a JEMS Hot Product at EMS Today 2018. The CrewCare innovators also received an EMS 10 award earlier this year for the first of its kind contribution to the first responder community.

The app’s users anonymously track information about stress in their life, engagement, mood and other associated activities. Using the app, participants will instantly receive results in charts and graphs that give them an overall view of their own stress over time, including how they compare to others within their industry.

While this report focuses on all participants of the CrewCare app, reports can also be created specific for organizations to look for insights into a collective view of their crews’ aggregate and anonymous information that can allow for further strides in improving mental health.

The CrewCare app is available as a free download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play for Android devices. For more information on CrewCare, including a sample of year-one results, visit

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