How to Identify Sepsis Early for Better Patient Outcomes

Sepsis is a complication caused by an overwhelming response to infection in the body. With a 40% mortality rate and the most costly cause of hospitalization, it is a very serious health concern.

More than half of all sepsis cases begin outside the hospital and of the patients seen in the ED with sepsis, almost half are transported by EMS. Early detection of possible sepsis allows hospitals to provide faster assessment and treatment. Even prehospital care such as IV alone can reduce the mortality rate.

Establishing improved pre-hospital screening can have a tremendously positive effect on patient outcomes, particularly survivability. In March 2017, Epidemiologist Morgan Anderson – along with Dave Zaiman, from ImageTrend – hosted a webinar about the most effective ways to receive data you need to make an impact in operations and patient care from an agency perspective. The recorded webinar shows how to improve early detection of Sepsis using the data you are already collecting with Active Data Monitoringâ„¢.

Click here to view the webinar recording!


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