2018 EMS10 Winner Profile: Benjamin Krynski

Over the past two years, Benjamin Krynski, BSc, BEmergHealth(Pmed), an operational paramedic in Sydney, Australia, led a research and development team to formulate and bring to life Real MCI, to their knowledge a world first revolutionary innovation to solve the problem of how to train for low-frequency, high-impact events in prehospital medicine.

Krynski, co-founder and director of training for Real Response, started his career as an EMT in Israel and, having seen firsthand the challenges to prepare and respond to mass casualty incidents (MCIs), he knew an alternative to traditional highly disruptive, expensive and logistically challenging live scenarios had to be found. Real MCI solves this through an immersive, realistic, repeatable, and cost-effective virtual reality (VR) training tool. Real MCI allows medical first responders to be immersed into an interactive 360-degree environment where their senses will be simulated through sight, sound, and soon touch and smell.

Once inside, the first responders can communicate with patients; and assess, treat and triage a range of patients with varying injuries before deciding to send them to a casualty collection point or leaving them for further responders to evacuate. As the first responder runs through each scenario, their actions are assessed, and this information is saved into a learning management system. This means students are not only able to train, but also be assessed in a way that’s replicable, leading to a more fair and equitable form of assessment.

Krynski’s team has so far integrated this program into all of Real Responses advanced tactical casualty care courses, where’s it’s been incorporated into training for tertiary paramedic programs and ambulance services, and it will soon to be expanded into a military version. Several agencies have asked Krynski’s team to develop unique scenarios/protocols for their environment. This is just the beginning of how VR and other new technology will drastically disrupt EMS education in Australia and around the world.

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