A New Perspective: Data beyond the Patient

Written by Morgan Anderson, Epidemiologist

I see data differently than most people, I get to see it from the lens of an Epidemiologist working alongside the EMS community. My epidemiology career started in general public health and I have always been pulled in the direction of wanting to help others through my work, in the hopes of preventing someone from acquiring a disease or injury. Something was missing though – until I saw the opportunity at ImageTrend. I came on board to work with ImageTrend earlier this year because I saw the company vision as truly inspiring and innovative. I saw this as an opportunity to make the largest impact on the most number of people possible.

As with most Epidemiologists, I have a passion for tracking the spread of health concerns such as the flu, foodborne illness, injuries, or environmental exposures. But at ImageTrend and within the EMS field, that is just a small portion of the patient incidents that are dealt with. It goes beyond everyday public health issues and dives deeper into trends related to specific patient care after the patient has acquired an illness or injury.

The amount of pre-hospital health data that is collected on a daily basis is substantial and it is exciting to envision the possibilities that data can be used for. There is so much more agencies can do with their data beyond the initial collection. Data does more than help one specific patient, it also has the capacity to help future patients. Through my relationship with ImageTrend, I am able to help customers utilize their data by evaluating their programs and utilizing tools such as our Continuum solution with Active Data Monitoringâ„¢.

Topical program evaluations have the ability to dive into your data prior to the implementation of a new protocol, initiative or simply monitor changes occurring over time in an already existing program. This helps provide insight into the effectiveness of your agency and understand where possible changes could be made to improve efficiency and patient care. ImageTrend Continuum also provides a unique opportunity through quick alerting that allows you to make modifications sooner, rather than later, to something as simple as reminding a crew member to finish their report or even to be alerted when a challenging procedure was attempted.

Being on the data and research side of EMS, I will not have the opportunity to meet patients in person or help in the field, but knowing that I am making an impact on their care through your data is beyond rewarding.

I like to think that ImageTrend doesn’t work for its customers, but works together with its customers, and I am proud to be part of that community. In my efforts I am merging the world of public health and EMS through my work within surveillance, research and epidemiology, and continually strive to improve knowledge and interoperability. My hope is that the work that ImageTrend and I do for our customers and their patients can pave the way for other Epidemiologists and public health researchers to utilize the power of EMS data to improve – or even prevent – disease and injury.

I encourage you to reach out to us at ImageTrend so that we can work together to help you and the community you serve get the most from your data. The possibilities in improving patient care are endless.

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