Emergent Leadership: The Passion of a Serial Entrepreneur: To-Do Lists, Coaching and Spilled Coffee

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Should you say no to good things to save space for the great ones? How do you know which opportunities are good versus great? 

Join Kris Kaull, chief marketing officer for Pulsara and co-founder of EMS1, as he opens up to hostess Brett Lyle about some of the challenges he has faced as a serial entrepreneur. He discusses the tools he used to overcome them and explains how he intentionally designed his career to be personally fulfilling and professionally valuable to the industry.  

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We discuss tangible practices that define and reshape mindsets. We talk daily to-do lists and lifelong goals and accomplishments. We talk mentorship and the differences between servant leadership and coaching. 

“If you’re an art history major.. if you’re an engineer… we need [you] in EMS.”

Welcome to Emergent Leadership where we connect with passionate leaders who just have to share their stories, perspectives, and most importantly, lessons learned.

The need is urgent, the events are critical, and the you of tomorrow is just an episode away!

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