The EMS Today Show: Medics Speak from the Front Lines at the Pandemic’s Ground Zero

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Seasoned Haz-Tech Paramedics Joe Hudak and Randy Li speak up close and personal with JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman about their experiences during the peak periods of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City Ground Zero again for a historic American tragedy.

Hudak, a 32-year street medic who responded to the World Trade Center and the crash of an American Airlines plane in Queens in 2001, is featured in the May issue of People magazine because he has the amazing perspective of a paramedic involved in three tragic “one-in-a-lifetime” incidents.

Paramedic Joe Hudak featured in May 2020 “Everyday Heroes” article in People magazine.

Podcast: The New Normal in EMS

He though he saw it all in his 32 years on the street. He was wrong and is now having to fight and guard against an invisible killer.

Randy Li is a nine-year veteran medic and supervisor who responds to dozens of “jobs” each shift. He has witnessed the best and worst during the pandemic. He’s seen multiple DOAs found in their homes, patients who succumb to other medical issues weeks experienced after their “recovery” from COVID-19 and the recognition and respect EMS and other healthcare workers are receiving daily.

Hudak and Li have been members of a highly trained EMS Competition team that has participated in the JEMS Games for years and explain why COVID-19 is a challenge like no other for EMS personnel.

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