The EMS Handoff: Telecommunication Week 2021

The EMS Handoff

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In honor of Telecommunication Week, the EMS Handoff has a special recording highlighting some telecommunication professionals as they discuss telecommunication, the job profile, challenges, and even, the “perfect” system. 

Randy Beeman is the current National Emergency Number Association (NENA) chapter president. He is a 30-year retired medic with 40+ years in local government but currently serves as the director of Durham Emergency Communications Center. Randy holds a B.A. in business administration. 

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Ollie Wall is a communications shift supervisor at Durham Emergency Communications Center in Durham, NC, and has worked for the department for 20 years. Her career began as a tele communicator and served as a mentor before stepping into her full-time supervisor role. Ollie is always welcoming new employees with open arms. Ollie loves to travel and is looking forward to visiting other countries. Please email to contact Ollie.

Show Highlights

  • The first EMS Handoff
  • Saving lives through resource triage
  • Technology enhanced 911
  • System vulnerabilities and Nashville
  • The “perfect” system
  • 3 is 2; 2 is 1
  • ESInet (Emergency Services IP Network)
  • Mental health and telecommunicators
  • Dispatchers as clerical positions
  • What dispatchers wish “ground crew” knew
  • How does the clerical designation impact the profession?

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