The EMS Handoff: Refocus on Resuscitation with Tom Bouthillet

The EMS Handoff

Tom Bouthillet is the battalion chief of EMS for Hilton Head Island (SC) Fire Rescue. 

Currently, he is a member of NREMT’s Continued Competency Agenda Steering Committee, NEMSMA’s EMS Quality Improvement Committee, and NENA’s Telecommunicator CPR Working Group. He is also a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for EMS World and a Content reviewer for the British Paramedic Journal.

Previously, he was a member of NHTSA’s High Performance CPR Working Group, director of the South Carolina Resuscitation Academy, co-producer of the Code STEMI web series, content expert for the 12-Lead ECG Challenge smartphone app, and editor of

Tom is interested in process improvement, system performance, human factors, crew resource management and evidence-based performance measures for time-sensitive diagnoses.

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Show Highlights

Starting from the beginning (A&P, ECG, and resuscitation)

Know what you don’t know (Axis deviations, False capture, Hyperkalemia etc)

High Performance CPR

What to take with you

On-scene management vs. transport

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Tom Bouthillet’s YouTube channel


The Resuscitation Academy

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