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I Had NO Idea You All Do That Kind of Thing

We’re not ambulance drivers and the public needs to know. The common refrain, “I didn’t know you could do that sort of thing,” should not be uttered by professionals and legislators adjacent to our profession. Fighting entropy in our profession takes a volunteer spirit and Nancy Magee joins us to discuss strategies for doing just this. 

Nancy has been active in EMS for over 20 years. Having been a self-employed business owner and consultant for 25 years, and as a volunteer EMT, career AEMT, instructor, field supervisor and director of marketing and client relations for an EMS management service organization, Nancy combines marketing savvy and management perspective with a volunteer’s heart. Her workshop series “Redesigning Volunteer EMS-A Volunteer Survival Guide,” has been presented nationwide and is aimed at helping volunteer EMS agencies overcome fiscal, leadership and recruitment and retention challenges.

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She is the author of “REDESIGNING VOLUNTEER EMS.” Her blogs on volunteerism, professionalism and ethics can be found on her website at She is a dynamic and passionate educator, subject matter expert and advocate for EMS volunteers, and presents clinical content geared towards rural BLS providers at EMS conferences across the country.

Show Highlights

  • Teaching as community outreach
  • Diabetes, stroke, and social media
  • Edu-”hub” for community medicine
  • Educating away from “ambulance drivers”
  • ‘I had no idea you guys did that…’
  • Low cost, high impact
  • Value of DNR and public awareness
  • Strategies for community buy-in
  • Opportunity cost for NOT doing outreach
  • Popular topics for outside education
  • Solutions for legislators and hospital systems

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