The EMS Handoff: Red Pill or Blue Pill with Jason Patton

The EMS Handoff

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Guest: Jason Patton, Fire Department Chronicles

Jason Patton is a 13-year career firefighter/paramedic and creator of the popular video series Fire Department Chronicles, which amassed 1.8 million followers and over 150 million views.

Jason is also the vice president of Fire Department Coffee, a board member and spokesperson for the Heroes Cup which works with NHL teams, such as the Boston Bruins, to raise money for first responders in need. Jason also represents Banyan Treatment Centers as an advocate for first responders seeking help for mental health or substance abuse issues.

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Show Highlights

  • Jason’s motivation to do these videos
    • Why comedy?
    • Accessible training through comedy
    • CPR and humor
    • #1 thing you cannot do in training with humor
    • Three things Jason’s chief told him not to do
    • The critics
    • Suck is universal
    • Two approaches to critiques
    • Jason’s favorite video
    • Jason’s rules

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Resources/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

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