The EMS Handoff: Disaster Preparedness with NAEMT

The EMS Handoff

“We don’t have any options.” – Brian Schaeffer

This week, Eric, Bradley and David welcome the Disaster Preparedness committee to celebrate National Disaster Preparedness Month. This conversation begins with the work of the Disaster Preparedness Committee and then moves into discussion of preparedness of the practitioner. 

Guests on the show: Anthony Scott, Debra Bell, William Tatum, Brian Schaeffer, Allison Knox


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* EMS in disaster management

* Who pays for disaster preparedness

* ESF #8

* Disaster within a Disaster

* When the annexes run dry

* Practitioner preparedness

* Emergency equipment and ziploc bags

* Joining the NAEMT disaster preparedness committee

FEMA IS – 520 Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic

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