The EMS Handoff: Delayed Sequence Intubation with Jason Haag

The EMS Handoff

In this week’s episode of the EMS Handoff, Eric takes the lead as David took the week off. Eric and Bradley are joined in the EMS Handoff Studio to discuss the process of delayed sequence intubation. This spirited discussion, which may have a little heckling of David, includes the current evidence in airway management, especially when using medication to support the process. Tune in and see what you think. 

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In the episode:

* Medication facilitated intubation

* RSI vs DSI

* The greatest concern of ketamine


* Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

* Versed in pharmacology

* Patients that should get DSI

* The DSI process

* Ketamine and Rocuronium

* Training for DSI and RSI

* Rapid sequence airway

* Do It for Drew


* To intubate or not

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