The EMS Handoff: Continuity of Care

The EMS Handoff

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Dr. Maia Dorsett and Jamie Wilson join the EMS Handoff Podcast crew to discuss the critical moment of relaying concise, accurate information to healthcare providers. Continuity of care is paramount to patient disposition and ultimate treatment. The long lines of care start with EMS but don’t end there. It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure patient information is accurately transferred. 

Dr. Dorsett writes about the Critical Moment in Patient Care in her article. Her research focuses on barriers to adequate patient care hand-offs, including interruptions in the reporting timeline. 

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Jamie Wilson, paramedic and RN, also has a wealth of knowledge both in patient care and research. His article goes in depth both addressing the problem of patient care hand off reports and providing meaningful solutions. 

The group covers the pros and cons of using a structured approach such as MIST to relay information as well as discuss key findings in both guests’ research and its impact on EMS providers and their patients today. 

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