The Ambulance Science Podcast: The ‘EMS Man’ Always Rings Twice

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What does it say about us when your uniform makes you look like a delivery driver? Scot Phelps and Maria Werner discuss.

Previous: Scot Phelps and Maria Werner talk about why 911 controllers and communicators are handcuffed from doing their job the proper way.

Show Notes

Hennepin Article:

The Catherine Counts Article:

Boston EMS Uniform:

Nassau Police Uniform: (apparently they have switched from khaki to grey)

Porsche Ambulance:

DuPont Tyvek 500 Jacket: (The ones you can’t buy here in the USA)

Ferno Wacker Vest: (apparently, they’re still made)

BEST Wacker Vest Company: Custom Sewing Contractor (Hands down the best vest ever)

Hatzolah EMTs and Paramedics in Vest:×400.jpg (Hi, Josh!)

New York Presbyterian Paramedic (#WhitePantsMafia): (Hi, Alex!)

Jersey City Medical Center EMS “Ben Caseys”:

Jersey City Medical Center EMS “Post Office Blue” shirts: (RIP Mondo-I was talking about you today, brother)

OSHA Probably Has to Wash Your Uniforms:

Portland Ambulance Crew Attacked With Knife:

Army “Pink and Green” Uniforms:

Sleepy Hollow Fire EMS Ambulance:

Scottish Ambulance Service Tartan:

KKK-1822-F Federal Ambulance Purchasing Standard:

New Jersey State Police:

Bow Tie:’Brien.jpg

New York State Police:

Side Loading Ambulance:

Dutch Ambulance Uniforms:

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