Sacred Cows & Data Cubes: Myths Complicate Data Interoperability Among Mobile Medical Agencies and Hospitals

The image shows the podcast's logo, a die with a cow on it.

Jonathon Feit talks about interoperability and finance for community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare.

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  • Jonathon S. Feit, MBA, MA, is co-founder & chief executive of Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc., the award-winning company behind the MEDIVIEW ePCR and BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange. He is a columnist for JEMS, and a regular contributor to multiple EMS publications on topics related to data sharing, patient care reporting, Community Paramedicine, Mobile Integrated Health, and technology for tracking and intervening in the cycle of opioids/opiate and amphetamine addiction. Jonathon holds advanced degrees from Carnegie Mellon and Boston University and has been a credentialed journalist for over a decade. Learn more and get in touch via social media or at

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