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The EMS Today Show: Skilled Nursing Facilities and the Pandemic

On this episode of the EMS TODAY Show, Randy Katz, DO, and JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman discuss special considerations for EMS Systems relative to them in their service area and the importance of educating and coordinating with these facilities.

The EMS Today Show: The Need for Advanced Patient Ventilation

The need for advanced patient ventilation has been at the forefront of patient care during the coronavirus pandemic. The shortage of mechanical ventilators has also surfaced as an overall shortfall in many systems.

The EMS Today Show: Interview with FirstWatch’s Todd Stout

Todd Stout is the president and founder of FirstWatch, a public safety technology company that helps more than 350 communities in North America turn their dispatch and patient data into meaningful and actionable information.

The EMS Today Show: Interview with Frank Poliafico, RN

Frank Poliafico has dedicated his life to EMS as a provider, administrator and educator.

The EMS Today Show: Sitting Down with Jonathan Washko

This episode is a frank and sincere talk on the COVID-19 pandemic and innovations made by Northwell Health System with Jonathan D. Washko.

The EMS Today Show: COVID-19

The EMS Today Show: JEMS Editor Emeritus A.J. Heightman talks to Rhiana Ireland, MD.