The EMS Today Show: An In-Depth Discussion of the ImageTrend Collaborate™ Report

EMS Incidents During a Modern-Day Pandemic

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Join EMS TODAY Show host A.J. Heightman, and Douglas Butler, Director of Clinical Services for ImageTrend, one of the nation’s largest and diversified data service companies in the United States, for a deep dive into one of the most comprehensive reports ever produced in EMS.

The 25-page ImageTrend Collaborate™ Report: EMS Incidents During a Modern Day Pandemic, used data from thousands of EMS agencies for an incredible 17 million EMS incidents from over the past three-year period, 2018-2020. 

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ImageTrend enhanced its data analysis solutions by establishing a Clinical and Research Services Team to better serve its customers in the emergency response, public health and public safety industries. This team not only provides insight into ImageTrend’s solutions, but also bridges the gap between data collection and a need for industry-wide research.

ImageTrend Collaborate™ is a research and analysis program dedicated in providing vital insights into clinical, operational, licensing/credentialing, systems of care registries and public health data for the enhancement of EMS and the healthcare industry.

Collaborate brings together de-identified data to reach higher levels of awareness, including: Spread of Public Health Issues and Epidemics, Trends and Established Benchmarks.

It takes a close look at reliable data in key areas such as:

  • Overall call volume, 911 incidents with patient contact, type of service requested, patient dispositions and scene location type.
  • COVID-19 & Influenza differentiation and focus areas;
  • Changes in Traffic-Related incidents;
  • Behavioral Health responses and cases;
  • Alcohol & Suspected Drug Use; and
  • Pediatric cases.

A.J. and Doug will take you through the report, with commentary on what the data means universally and for services of all sizes. They will give you their thoughts on what some of the causative factors could have been in the pre- and post-pandemic era and some thoughts on what increases and decreases in call areas and patient impressions we may see in the days and years ahead.

You can download the report at:

EMS Today Show Participants

A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P, Editor Emeritus of JEMS and the host of the EMS Today Show podcast.

Douglas G. Butler Jr. joined the ImageTrend team in 2018 and is currently the Director of Clinical Services. Prior to coming to ImageTrend, he began his EMS career in 2003 gaining experience in roles as an EMT, Paramedic, FTO/Paramedic Preceptor, EMD/EFD Certified 911 Dispatcher, EMS Educator, Regional Faculty (AHA) and Clinical Manager. As a Clinical Manager for AMR, Doug discovered his passion for data and quality improvement, which led to his position as Data Systems Manager for a multi-county EMS regulatory entity.

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