Walla Walla (WA) Police, Paramedics Save Baby from Choking

Walla Walla Police Foundation
Photo/Walla Walla Police Foundation

First responders saved a one-year-old baby from choking on Saturday in Walla Walla (WA).

The call came in that a one-year-old was choking and bleeding from the nose and mouth, according to yaktrinews.com. Officers arrived at the house and first faced off with the family dog in the front yard. Officers had to pepper spray the dog to enter the house.


The officers were unable to help the choking baby at the house and got in their patrol car with the baby in tow. Officers were finally able to meet up with paramedics and they eventually were able to get the baby to breathe.

The baby was later airlifted to Spokane and later released from the hospital. Police say the baby was choking on a small piece of plastic and a penny.

When the baby arrived home, officers gifted the family $250 from the Walla Walla Police Foundation Community Care Fund.

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