Sturgis Ambulance (S.D.) Changes Lift Policy

Sturgis Ambulance in South Dakota will begin to charge patients the second time they go out to help a fall victim, according to a report. (Photo/Sturgis Ambulance Facebook)

STURGIS, S.D. — Sturgis Ambulance will start charging people who call for lift-assistance services, according to a report.

Until last month, the ambulance service would help those unable to get up on their own after falling down and check to see if they were OK free of charge. The city council recently decided to change its policy, however.

KOTA-TV reports the ambulance service will now only provide one free lift a year. It will then charge $75 for the second call and $150 for every additional call in the same year.

The owner of a local assisted living facility said the home does not use the lift-assistance service often.

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