State Suspends MI Paramedics after Woman Found Alive at Funeral Home

Southfield (MI) Fire Department

The licenses of the two Southfield (MI) Fire Department paramedics were suspended after a woman declared dead at her home was discovered alive at the funeral home.

The State of Michigan has also indicated it will suspend the licenses of the two EMT’s who were also on the scene, according to the department.

All four firefighters remain on paid administrative leave from the city pending an investigation.

An attorney for Timesha Beauchamp’s family said funeral home staff found Deauchamp alive just before she was to be embalmed. Beauchamp was born with cerebral palsy and has required medical care around the clock.

Southfield Chief Johnny Menifee previously told reporters the crew did not find any signs of life despite immediately attempting to revive Beauchamp and twice more returning to her room when relatives said she appeared to be breathing or had a heartbeat

Menifee suggested it might be a case of “Lazarus syndrome,” a reference to people who come back to life without assistance after attempts to resuscitate have failed.

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