Lincolnwood (IL) Fire Department Opens Station in Assisted Living Home

Lincolnwood Fire Department
Photo/Lincolnwood Fire Department

To reduce response times, the Lincolnwood (IL) Fire Department as opened another station inside an assisted living facility that’s staffed with paramedics.

The station houses an ambulance and living quarters for two Fire Department paramedics. It also serves residents and businesses in the east portion of the village, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The fire department staffs the station from 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. Staff from another station respond to the facility during daylight hours.  Fire Chief Michael Hansen told the newspaper he’s open to changes in operation times in the future.

The ambulance bay and space for paramedics was a goal for the ownership group when the facility was originally proposed to the village, said Tom Whitaker, the group’s executive director.

“In (the) independent living (facility), we have a nurse who is here full time but knowing that we have that support overnight is great,” he said. “If there is an emergency and 911 is called, they can come right around to the front entrance of the community, they have emergency keys and it takes under a minute to get to the front door.”

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