King Systems AirTraq Optical Laryngoscope

Lenses, prisms and mirrors haven’t been traditional parts of airway equipmentà›until now. The newàœAirTraq Optical Laryngoscope fromàœKing Systems uses periscope-like optics to move your point of view for intubation from outside to inside the patient’s mouth. The AirTraq features an LED light source that also keeps the lens warm enough to prevent fogging. A standard, lubricated, endotracheal tube is placed into a channel on the right side of the AirTraq. The device is then inserted into the patient’s mouth along the midline of the tongue. The tip of the AirTraq is placed into the vallecula, and the endotracheal tube is advanced into the trachea. The optics provide a front-row view as you watch the tube pass through the vocal cords. A clip-on video system is also available.


Cost: $495 box of 6

Weight: 5 oz.

Sizes: Small, Regular


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