HIPAA Basics and Tips for EMS Providers

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The National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) and Page, Wolfberg & Wirth (PWW) have come up with new resource for EMS agencies nationwide. 

This downloadable information covers critical everyday HIPAA issues for EMS practitioners and offers practical tips on tackling key HIPAA concerns. 

“HIPAA applies to protected health information (PHI),” the pamphlet reads. “PHI is information you learn about patients in your role as an EMS practitioner. Anything that could reasonably identify a patient and relates to the patient’s physical or mental health is PHI. The information does not have to include the patient’s name in order to be PHI.”

PWW and NEMSIS also released a resource in 2020, aimed and debunking myths about data sharing, and educating facilities and other providers how they can share information with EMS.

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