Concerning 911 Trends for EMS Calls During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Matt Zavadsky

In April 2020, MedStar’s response volume for patients with suspected heart attacks was down 42% from April of last year.  Heart attack responses for March 2020 were down 21% from March 2019.

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This analysis of MedStar response volume for heart attacks continues to cause a great concern that people may be avoiding calling 911 for significant medical emergencies.

Provided by MedStar

This data, combined with the previously reported data showing a 31% increase in the number of cardiac arrest, and a 54% increase in the number of cardiac arrest victims unable to be resuscitated is causing MedStar and other healthcare providers significant concern.

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A poll conducted by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) found that 29% of more than 2,200 adults surveyed said they had avoided medical care because they are concerned about contracting the coronavirus.

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