SAM Medical Blist-O-Ban

“Fight fire with fire” is an axiom that may have inspired SAM Medical’s Blist-O-Ban to “fight blisters with blisters.” Friction is the enemy in foot care, and anyone who has had to finish a shift with an untreated hot spot or blister knows how painful and irritating they can be. Blist-O-Ban features a breathable, medical-grade, sterile adhesive covered by a BursaTek dome that glides smoothly in all directions. By transferring the friction to the BursaTek dome instead of the skin, blisters and hot spots are reduced and prevented.

Sizes: S (1″ x 2.88″), M (1.5″ x 2.63″),
L (2″ x 3.25″), XL (3.88″ x 2″)
Colors: Clear
Cost: $6.98à’$7.98/6 pack

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