Riggs Air and Air Methods Partnership Granted a Preferred Provider Agreement Acceptance at John C. Fremont Hospital in Mariposa County for Emergency Air and CCT Services

The Riggs Air and Air Methods partnership was recently granted approval to provide Emergency Medical Air Transportation and Critical Care Transport (CCT) services in Mariposa County and the surrounding communities. The John C. Fremont Board of Directors voted unanimously in support of the partnership with Riggs Air Division and the Healthcare District.

The Riggs / John C. Fremont Helicopter will be based at the medical center allowing immediate access to the community of critical care and rapid emergency medical transport by air. For instances where circumstances do not allow air transport, Riggs also has a partnership with Mercy Ambulance to provide Critical Care Transport.

“It’s very exciting to see the community and everyone working together to bring this program into the area, the ground CCT component will have Riggs Flight Crews in Mercy Ambulances when needed,” said Steve Crabtree, Director of the RIGGS Air & CCT Services.
Mr. Crabtree and Dr. Eric Rudnick, the Air Program Medical Director for Riggs, outlined to the John C. Fremont Board of Directors the program and levels of critical care/emergency services that will be offered.

“This will be the local community helicopter and a part of John C. Fremont, which is a huge benefit not only to Mariposa, it also will support surrounding areas including Yosemite National Park,” said Crabtree. The partnership with John C. Fremont also includes Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics working alongside the hospital staff to care for critically ill patients.

Riggs is owned and operated by Sierra Emergency Medical Services Alliance (SEMSA) which is a non-profit organization focused on critical access rural EMS service delivery. SEMSA currently operates two additional helicopter services in rural northern California. The aircraft will be called Riggs Air 2 and it will have the John C. Fremont and Riggs logos on it.

“This really is a complete change in the way emergency services and critical transfers are delivered in this area. There will access to an immediate rapid transport system that is local and ready to go 24 hours a day. This partnership will really help patients that are in urgent need of advanced care,” stated Crabtree.

Service for Riggs Air 2 is set to start on September 1, 2017.

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