Don’t Let Me Down: First Responder Suicide

Lip Sync Challenge video takes a serious turn

Over the past month Yorktown/Mt. Pleasant Twp. Fire Department has worked in conjunction with Hayden Goldsworthy owner of Hayden Goldsworthy – Wedding Films. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and is locally owned and operated. PLEASE share this to your personal page and ask everyone on your friends list to do the same. We want it to reach many.

We have produced a film that is a take on the Lip Sync Challenge. For those of you that do not know this is a challenge going around between many different fire departments and police departments. We then used this format to hopefully bring awareness to a very real, emotional, and shocking truth going on in public service right now.

The only thing we ask is to please help us make this message span as far as possible. If it helps one person, regardless of who or where then it was well worth all the efforts put in by everyone. There is a Public Service Announcement and Thank You page at the end so please take a few minutes and watch all the way through.

A special thank you also needs to be given to Delaware County Emergency Medical Services, Yorktown Police Department, Salem Township/Daleville Emergency Services, Richland Township Fire Department, Farmland Volunteer Fire Department, and Bvfd Stoneycreek.

Thank you as always for your time and consideration, Yorktown Fire Department Membership and their Families

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