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The photo shows mental health awareness stickers.

Mental Health a Priority for FL Frontline Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed daily life as we know it, but frontline workers have not faltered in answering what is asked of them – to be first on the scene, no matter what the situation.
The photo shows an Oxford EMS ambulance.

CT First Responders Offer to Help Struggling Residents During Pandemic

The Oxford Ambulance Association said anyone not working or getting a paycheck should not let themselves or their children go to bed on an empty stomach.

With Friends Like This, Who Needs Anemones?

Christopher J. Faulknor wants providers to be aware of their own mental health and help others understand they are not alone in dealing with their issues.

Depression, Anxiety Spike Amid Outbreak and Turbulent Times

Mental health therapists' caseloads are bulging. Waiting lists for appointments are growing. And anxiety and depression are rising among Americans amid the coronavirus crisis, research suggests.

NVFC Releases Behavioral Healthcare Provider Directory for Emergency Responder

All of the providers listed in the directory either have firsthand experience with the fire and emergency services or have completed a training course through FBHA to educate them on the fire service and the specific challenges responders face.

When Two Worlds Collide

A commentary on paramedics responding home, by Steve Whitfield.

Resiliency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Much about the current situation with COVID-19 is out of our immediate, direct control and has potentially life-altering consequences.

Tornado and Virus Push Tennesseans to the Limit

At Cookeville Regional Medical Center in the county seat, doctors and nurses have gone from treating about 80 patients injured in the tornado to preparing for coronavirus.

Keynote Sneak Peek: The Strength Within Us

This inspirational keynote seeks to unlock the power within each of us when we need it most.

USFA: Mitigating the Risk and Impact of Assaults on EMS Responders

The SAVER checklist helps departments assess and implement training, policies and practices to mitigate assaults on EMS responders.