The Other War
As a paramedic and”žformer U.S. Marine, I would like to thank you for including the insert titled “The War on Trauma” (October”žJEMS). I_m hoping all the medics on the streets will take the time to read the articles. As an International Trauma Life Support instructor at Central Virginia Community College in Lynchburg, Va., I have and will continue to show my students the insert. Please do not stop”žputting valuable info in”žJEMS”ž that will help medics understand what_s being used to save our troops, such as QuickClot ACS.”ž
Michael Meeks, EMT-P
Lynchburg, Virginia

Questioning Authority”ž
Gary Ludwig_s Leadership Sector articles are always well written. I particularly enjoyed “Train Like You Mean It” (December”žJEMS). I agree with most of the points expressed, but I did find something I disagreed with. In my decade of EMS experience, I_ve worked with quite a few accomplished industry veterans whose work ethic and job performance were exemplary. NonethelessÆ’and regrettably soÆ’I_ve also worked with some veterans who left a great deal to be desired.”žAs a new EMT, and again as a new paramedic, I found myself in situations where I endured the”žcriticism of”ža veteran only to review the literature and find that I was indeed correct.”ž

I don_t wish to suggest that “rookies” are more knowledgeable, or that they_re always correct, but I believe they have much to offer, and to”žseasoned veterans”ž in“ž particular. It_s important to utilize all the resources at our disposal in EMS education, and “new blood” can also contribute to the infusion of new”žideas and standards”žin prehospital medicine that our veterans might not always be aware of or particularly receptive to hearing.”ž

Gary Ludwig responds:”ž Your letter proves that “nothing is always 100%.” I agree with you. You do have veterans who no longer”žhave enthusiasm for the job or have not kept up on the latest trends. I also agree that rookies have something to offer. However, based on my 31 years of experience in this profession, nothing beats the teaching of a veteran who still loves the job, is up on the latest trends, and, because they have been there and done it countless times, conveys that to the student.

Thanks for your comments and viewpoint. I appreciate it.”žJEMS

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