Bonus Content: Glasgow Coma Scale

Eye Opening Response“ž

4 points”žSpontaneous open with blinking at baseline”ž

3 points”žTo verbal stimuli, command, speech”ž

2 points”žTo pain only (not applied to face)”ž

1 points”žNo response”ž

Verbal Response“ž

5 points”žOriented

4 points”žConfused conversation, but able to answer questions

3 points”žInappropriate words

2 points”žIncomprehensible speech

1 points”žNo response”ž

Motor Response

6 points Obeys commands for movement

5 points Purposeful movement to painful stimulus

4 points Withdraws in response to pain

3 points Flexion in response to pain (decorticate posturing)

2 points Extension response in response to pain (decerebrate posturing)

1 points No response”ž

Total GCS Score & Injury Categorization

3à8″žSevere head injury

9à12 Moderate head injury

13à15 Mild head injury”ž”ž

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”ž

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