Reel Research Reel Splint Jr.

The need to splint angulated knee injuries isn’t exclusive to adult patients. In fact, you could make the argument that it’s more important to do a perfect job when splinting growing bones. TheàœReel Splint Jr. fromàœReel Research takes the innovative and popular design of the Reel Splint Tactical System and sizes it to fit pediatric patients. The smaller size allows you to splint angulated upper-extremity fractures in infants in the position found. The Reel Splint Jr. kit includes the anatomical pivoting ischial pad, the Pivot-Trac Traction Splint and the EZ-Hitch Ankle Harness. It offers you all of the features of the adult size with multiple adjustments plus the ability to immobolize the upper and lower extremities of children and smaller adults.

Weight: 8.5 lbs
Length: 11.5″ (folded); 42″ extended with traction support
Cost: $449 (Jr. kit); %565 (tactical system)

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