Ohio Bill Allows EMTs and Medics to Treat Injured Animals

Animals injured in events such as house fires will be able to get aid from first responders, if a bill headed to the Ohio Senate becomes law.

“Previously EMTs and paramedics were not able to treat animals because their scope of license prevented them from doing that,” said state Rep. Steve Huffman, R-Tipp City, who is vice chair of the House Health and Aging Committee. The bill was reported out of the committee Wednesday.

First responders could administer oxygen, stop bleeding and give other aid to animals once humans are treated. Police animals injured in drug sweeps or other events could also be treated.

“The bill does say that first humans and then animals, so no person will be neglected,” Huffman said.

The bill would not let people call 911 to have their animals treated for an injury. First responders would only give aid to an animal when they are already on the scene of an emergency that involves people.

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