Montgomery County (MD) Looks to Shorten ER Wait Times for Ambulance Patients

A new program in Maryland looks to shorten ER wait times for ambulance patients. (Photo/Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue Facebook)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — A new program in Maryland looking to shorten emergency room wait times for ambulance patients is showing promise, according to a report.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue started the “Direct to Triage” program on February 1, WTOP-TV reports. The program identifies patients stable enough to wait their turn in the emergency department lobby, freeing up the ambulance to leave to be ready to take other calls.

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“We have ambulances, especially Priority 3 patients, who are sitting for 30, 60, 70, 80 minutes waiting for a bed,” said Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Capt. Ben Kaufman.

An average of 10 patients a day have been sent to the waiting room without the ambulance having to wait for an open bed in the emergency department.

Said Kaufman: “We’re just going to keep rolling with it and we think we’re going to have some decent success if we look at this on a bigger picture.”

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