Miller Coach Company Puts Safety and Economy First

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Released in May of 2010, Miller Coach Company, an authorized up-fitter for Mercedes Benz, is delivering its bold and innovative concept in a KKK-certified Type II ambulance. This unit; built on a 2010 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 high-top chassis with 144″ wheelbase, completes our Type II product line offering.

“We have raised the bar” says Al Miller, president and founder of Miller Coach, and an ambulance builder for over 36 years:
Sitting sideways on a squad bench even if belted has been proven to be unsafe in the event of an accident. The purpose of a squad bench in the first place was for storage, a simple place to sit, and the capacity for a second patient. All three of those issues have been addressed with this new design in a much safer manner.

Miller adds “Although it breaks from the traditional mindset, it’s proving to be a much needed change from conventional designs.” “We firmly believe this innovative type of ambulance interior, combined with the Mercedes Benz safety technologies, is the next step of EMS vehicle concepts for the future.”

All three seats provide better impact-stable safety, and include a three-point harness system. The two passenger seats fold over in order to accommodate a backboard or stretcher whenever the need arises for carrying a second patient. The attendant seat includes a fold away built-in child carrier that can be used safely and without giving away a safe seat for any of the medical crew.

This configuration provides improved aisle space while a stretcher is placed in the unit. When using the forward side-seat, normal patient needs can be met from a forward-facing, seated, and belted position.

The storage in the unit is designed to keep items in place and away from the occupants if an abrupt stop or collision occurs. A good example is the extra wide storage cabinet at the side door. This is an excellent location for stair chair storage and a crash-stable portable oxygen bottle holder. The cabinet is a good area for any large item storage requirement. Shelves and additional safety straps can be added if required. Longboard storage is at the side door in a stand-up position.

The company began the process of concept-to-product in 2007. Mr. Miller did research in Europe to study their advancements in safety designs. In the last three years he attended the European event RETTMOBIL in Fulda Germany with members of the US delegation of the EMS Safety Foundation. “What we brought back from Europe” says Miller “were the concepts in their ability to provide very high medical performance in a safer work environment, on a chassis under 10,000lb GVW, with highly rated fuel economy.” “We went further with our design, with additional exterior lighting to offer more visibility.”

There were several different design models engineered and tested before finalizing on the unit being offered. Since it is such a departure from traditional layouts, Miller Coach was determined to find out what would provide the highest margin of safety, and not inhibit crews from performing basic functions.
As with all Miller Coach units, our standard model includes:

  • All LED Emergency Lighting
  • 2nd Self-contained HVAC system
  • 1250 watt Inverter
  • 55 amp Battery Charger
  • Locking Sharps container
  • And MORE!

For more information, please visit the company website at:

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