Man Charged with Biting Tip Off of Paramedic’s Thumb

CHICAGO — A man from the Brighton Park neighborhood was charged with aggravated battery and domestic battery for allegedly battering his girlfriend, and then biting a paramedic who tried to intervene.

Police say that Jose Gutierrez, a 25 year old man from the 2500 block of West 40th Street, was attacking his girlfriend in a parking lot on the 2600 block of West Cermak Road. The paramedics reportedly responded to a call regarding this attack, and tried to separate Guitierrez from his girlfriend, when Gutierrez is alleged to have bitten the tip off of one paramedic’s thumb and broken one of his fingers. Gutierrez is scheduled to appear in Cook County criminal court tomorrow, and the paramedic was treated for his injuries and the UIC hospital.

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